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Me and the fish went on an adventure today! #chrissy #move #nansplace #splash
Coupla days late… But #kitestringtangle was amazing Saturday at the Corner! #thecorner #cornerpresents



you’re the window to my wall

you’re the sweat that drips down my balls

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What a day for it! #struggled #under100 #through9 @joell_laurence  (at Montuna Golf Club Berwick)



fun fact: once in biology my teacher told us that “if you’re ever crying wipe the tears all over your face and they’ll help clear up your skin” then he explained that because tears are designed to clear dust and dirt from your eyes and will do the same for your skin and clear up acne and i remember thinking “excellent, fandom will make me beautiful”


this isn’t how i want to be remembered 

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#keepthedreamalive #YELLOWANDBLACK #Richmond #Tigers



“But if you forget to reblog Madame Zeroni, you and your family will be cursed for always and eternity.”


not even risking that shit

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